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Welcome to the page about me!!!

First off my real name is Shannon. I was born and raised in Washington State *The Evergreen State* Went to school all my life in the Issaquah school district. Graduated Issaquah High in 1989

I live currently in Port Angeles now have been here for long time now...That was after living in Arizona for 8..I have 3 girls. Kaci, Colleen and Tiffany. I like to build web page's and also work on Genealogy. My favorite sport is hockey. With baseball in 2nd place. My favorite teams are *Hockey* Phoenix Coyotes, Toronto Maple leafs, Vancouver Canucks. *Baseball* Seattle Mariners and that's it heehee. Oh and I can't forget the Tacoma Saber cats (WCHL) and Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL)  I never have seen any of their games, but have heard they are good. I have how ever seen the Phoenix Coyotes and the Seattle Mariners play.

I enjoy playing world of warcraft, reading, hanging out with my kids *S*

You maybe wondering why my nick name is kavikwolf. Well it's kavik for short but full nick is kavikwolf. I got the nickname from reading Kavik the wolf dog when I was younger and I have this personality that likes to show it's self when you make me mad. Kind of like a wolf when it's mad. Well when I got on the internet I used kavikwolf since no one had it. But that's not the same anymore it seems. There are a few people out there using it and also changing it so it's not the same like *wolfkavik*. Oh well! Anyway, I also have the nick because of my love for Wolves. I think they are all beautiful and well I am a dog lover and where did dogs come from? Just domesticated wolves. One day I'll get a bit more on here *S* Also one nick name I have not used in years was *Ziggy*

last updated 7-20-03

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