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In Memory of Mark Wallace.

I wanted to do this page for the sweetiest friend anyone could imagine...

Mark was taken from us all back in our junior high school year... He was murderd at the age of 14. Something that should have never of happend... This is something that was put in our high school yearbook... Dedicated in his memory...

And I wanted to share this with everyone...

One never knows
How fair a word of kindness goes;
One never sees
How far a smile of friendship flees.
Down through the years
The deed forgotten reappears.
One kind word
The souls of many here has stirred.
Man goes his way
And tells with every passing day,
Until life's end:
"Once unto me he played a friend."
We cannot say
What lips are prasising us today.
Whose prayers ask God to guard us well.
But kindness lives
Beyond the memory of him who gives.
-Edgar Guest
He had a love for Garfield *S*...

Where ever you may be Mark remember

our friendship and I will always

be thinking of you...
Love you always and forever!!

Tell we meet again...


no longer will we ignore the tears of angels
no longer can we ignore the sound
as all those that we have loved
have softly touched the ground
no sweeter sorrow than the tears we've shed for
the ones we grew up & shared our lives with
though heaven seems so far away, we know
heaven is near & these souls were gifts
every moment i can remember, every day that goes by
the way they held us so close to them
& how they became a part of our lives
no longer can we ignore the sorrow, but tears are now like wine
maybe tomorrow may not bring them back
instead it brings tears to my eyes & a smile to my mind
so gently sway the trees in spring
as it brings to mind so many things
but today it reminds me of a summer love
in the same tree i was just speaking of
her arms in mine, on a make-shift swing
as tears are like water
& i'm passionately drinking
life is so precious, so short, & so nice
each soul i have encountered is a joy with a price
tomorrow they may be leaving, tomorrow they may go
but that's only a matter of distance
for each moment's worth it's gold
no longer will we cry for angels
no more shall we regret the days
for just because they have left us
doesn't mean a part of them can not stay
as i look at the grass ahead, the flowers i have picked
for every soul i have loved, a petal for every kiss
there shall be no tears at sunrise
and no weeping as it sets
for life is a beautiful journey
& as lonely as it may get
there are many angels
who have joined us along the way
& they cry for us as we cry
& ask that we wipe away
every sad moment we cling to
ever tear we've wept
for every tear an angel's cried
is one that heaven's swept
for tears do not belong on the face of angels
for death is not the end
tomorrow we shall see a reason we've loved them,
and we shall see them smile again
(written by a great friend)

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