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Do you know that every 17 minutes a person takes their life?

Statistics show that Suicide is the 8th killer among humans.

So if you think about it, while you're watching your favorite hour television show about 4 people commit suicide.

Life is a precious gift given to us all. We all need to live day to day one thing at a time. There are many chalenge's in the world, but are all passable. Nothing in life is so bad that one needs to end it.

I am greatful that I never how should I say "sucided", Yes things may still be tuff but what in life is'nt? Butt I have 3 beautiful children and a wonderful husband. I'm fighting each day to go on thru the bills and raising 3 kids also now trying to get a degree but I just take things oneday at a time and I am getting thru things better then I had ever done before.

Many kids kill themselves over *a breakup* *Not getting into that college they wanted* not getting that job they wanted to* etc. Well a breakup is something that can pass. There are many other people in this world and that special person is waiting. May take time to find them but hey they are out there. I finaly found my special equal. There are many I mean many college's out there. Try for diffrent college's don't be set on just one in paticular. Same with a job, there are umteen million jobs in America, You'll find one maybe a better one is right around the corner. If you end your life over thing's like this it's no good. Just give it a chance. Day to Day that's all you have to take it.

If your feeling down call someone. A friend or counsler just talk to someone. Remember many things are a temperary problem they will go away in time. But if you take your life your making it a permanet action.

Suicide affects many people in this world. Loved one's have to live with so much, Wondering what they did wrong, what could they have done diffrently, What was so bad that you had to end your life?

Alway's remember you may be able to run from your problem's but you create a new set for your selves, and a mess of new one's for other people.