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The Warning Signs of Suicide
Abrupt changes in personality.
Giving away possessions.
Previous suicide attempt.
Ending of a romance.
Inability to tolerate frustration.
Use of drugs and/or alcohol.
Eating disturbances, significant weight changes.
Sleeping disturbances.
Unwillingness or inability to communicate.
Sexual promiscuity.
Extreme or extended boredom.
Inability to concentrate.
Accident prone (carelessness).
Unusually long grief reaction
Unusual sadness, discouragement and loneliness.
Hostile behavior.
Neglect of academic work.
Neglect of personal appearance.
Family disruptions - divorce, trauma, losing loved one.
Running away from home or truancy from school.
Rebelliousness - reckless behavior.
Withdrawal from activities that they love.
Signs in red require imediate intervention. Please do not delay seeking profesional help for someone exibiting any of these signs!